COVID-19 Flying Drone


Does the following apply to you?
  • Anxious about the exploding Deficit & National Debt?
  • The Daily Diet of Presidential inaccruacy giving you headaches?
  • Tired of Corporate Bailouts and Stock Buy Backs?
  • Have you acquired 5, 6 or 7 figures in Studen Loan Debt?
  • No ability to buy a Home?
  • Worried that Social Security is as good as a plan as PowerBall?
  • Will we even have a habitable planet soon?

Pass on your anxiety to the Boomers with the COVID-19 Drone!

At Antagonistic Boomer Logistics, we understand the frustration you encounter with the “ME” Generation. Calmly engaging in open discussions with Boomers that lead into despair as facts are dismissed as FAKE NEWS. Encountering opinions that the Earth’s main purpose is to further the economy as your environment and financial future hit the downward slippery slope.

Even still, every so often you dig deep, making a level-headed common sense argument based in fact, history & science only to discover that your Boomer’s hearing aid was off or was Bluetooth connected to Fox News the entire time as they smiled & nodded patiently not listening to your misguided lack of experience in life.

We feel your pain and want to help you relieve some anxiety.

Thank you for self quarantiniong & doing your part for your fellow citizens. Don’t get ANGRY as you realize once again Boomers are still fleecing your future as you sacrifice sitting at home to protect them.

Buy the COVID-19 Drone (Limited time offer $299.95)
Available in white, black or blood red with genuine porcupine spikes or rose thorns. 100% American made, MAGA!

Take a page from the “Me Generation” and use free speech to invoke some fear to get your message across.

Our harmless drone will sarcastically fly around your neighborhood striking fear into all Boomers.

Select one of several audio files to broadcast your personal agenda:

  • Global Warming is Real!
  • Science doesn’t require belief
  • 1 + 1 = 2
  • and many more….

For an additional $99.95 you can add our Radar feature. This will enable your drone to and “buzz” or “swoop” by Boomers invading their personal space as they are walking through the neighborhood. This has an adjustable setting from 1-5 feet.

There are several operational modes including; set patterns, free fly mode (via controller) or our proprietary stalking mode, which uses facial recognition to focus your entire message to one specific person.

If you’re ready for the full-experience add 4k HD Camera for $24.95

Simply doing laps not enough? Add on our 4k HD Camera to see every facial expression as you drive your agenda home. Don’t miss any of the action as the 4k HD Video can be exported to any smart display.

Once again we thank you for self-quarantining, & doing your part to end this Pandemic. In the meantime do the American thing and speak out loud & clear.

All proceeds from the Antagonistic Boomer Logistics – Flying COVID-19 Drone will be donated to the Putin/Trump 2020 Campaign.