Trump’s Valentine’s Day Scandal, Cupid on Strike!

Cupid goes on Strike, Trump declares National Emergency

Today is Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air felt by most around the world. Today is the day I prepare for all year with strategies on how to bring people together and spread love for all.

For awhile now, I’ve known that I have to give President Trump extra support and effort. The Presidency is so difficult as he represents so many. Anyway I can help him expand his empathy is on my on mind throughout the year.

During my rounds today, I visited the White House. The atmosphere was energetic all over the grounds. Chocolates, candy, flowers, Valentines and good will everywhere within sight. I proceeded with great hope and anticipation launching my first arrow at President Trump’s heart.


An immediate smile as he stood up and gave a kiss on the cheek to Melania who was in the Oval Office waiting for him. Abundant with joy, such a positive result, I load up my bow and shoot a second time. 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 1 minute and nothing has happened. I’m totally confused.

Not deterred I fire a 3rd arrow. Wait patiently no affect.

Suddenly puzzled, I start to wonder if any of my arrows have worked. A bit frustrated, I regroup remembering I need to assist the President. He needs empathy for all; all walks of life, immigrants, refugees, the poor, the huddled masses and those of us who are blessed.

Fire in the hole, 4, heads up, incoming, more and more phrases I express as I fire more and more arrows with zero affect.

In frustration, I rapid fire, emptying my remaining stock of arrows. Unfortunately in my frustration all of these 10 arrows, well I’m ashamed to admit, I shot him right in the ass. I know, I know, this is not Cupid behavior and a bad reaction on my part. I apologize, I had no idea of the consequences.

President Trump immediately stood up and anounced his decision is final, he will be declaring a National Emergency regarding immigration and the border wall along Mexico today, of all days Valentine’s Day.

I must apologize to America, and realize that my arrows have zero affect on the President, therefore I am officially on strike.

Keep spreading love and I’ll be back!